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Tech Roof and Owens Corning Make a great pairing

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Replacing your roof can be an unexpected hassle that you have to deal with as a homeowner. But, believe it or not, roof replacement can be a relatively simple process. Our digital roof inspection allows you to virtually try out different shingle colors on your roof and choose from different price points. Our small company mentality brings you excellent service, while our big company resources bring you top of the line products and efficiency. We have partnered with Owens Corning because of their local manufacturing, high standards, varied product offerings (insulation, foam boards, shingles and more) and the fact that they invented the fiber glass component of the shingle! We are factory certified installers and we maintain a “preferred” status with Owens Corning because of our insurance levels, time in business and our regular training at their facilities in Garden City, GA. Its important to us that Owens Corning manufactures shingles right here in Chatham County. They are doing more than providing jobs here, they are providing local resources so we don’t have to ship shingles in from 3 states away! Only Owens Corning provides the “Duration” shingle with the sure strip technology. Once you see this technology, you will understand why it is simply the best! Ask your sales person for a live demonstration of the Duration shingle technology. Below are the three main categories for Owens Corning shingles. We will provide you a Good / Better / Best pricing quote after your free inspection.




Supreme Aspen GrayOakridge Sand CastleTruDefenition Duration Terra Cotta

Roof Replacement Basics

Tech Roof uses our digital roof inspection process to diagnose your roofing problems and provide you with the best options. If you do end up needing a total roof replacement, we have several options for you. Let us help you choose the best one for your home.

Getting Started

It all starts with a free inspection. During this inspection, we will check for bad or rotten wood, access the attic to determine the type and condition of the roofing system, walk the roof to complete the inspection and complete the measurement, take digital images of any damage or other concerns we have and finally; We will create a written QUOTE with options based on our inspection.

Once we have answered your questions and provided you samples of what your roof can look like, discussed warranties and financing options, we only need your signature to schedule your project.

Some frequently asked questions about roof replacement include:

Q1- How long will the job take? A- We try to complete all roof replacement jobs in one day and generally we can. Sometimes because of breaks in weather or the size of the roof, it takes more than one day but we try our best to finish, clean up and present the warranty all in one day. The reason for this is that people don’t want to have the inconvenience of a project stringing out day after day. Our customers have told us that they really appreciate how quickly our crews handle the work. That way, people can get back to what they were doing after just one day.

Q2- Do I need to be home for this? A- No. In fact usually people are at work or vacation while we are roofing their home. If their are access issues, the sales person will let you know in advance.

Q3- Do we offer financing? A- Yes we do. We offer financing for your roofing system (and other related work) through the Owens Corning preferred financing partner. Ask your sales rep or call us to get approved.

Call us for Roof Replacement costs and options today. It all starts with a free inspection.