Roof Coatings For Shingles

How to choose roof coatings for shingles?

Roof Coatings For ShinglesThere are many types of roof coatings for shingles that you can choose from. There are coatings that can attend to multiple purposes and there are coatings that have only one purpose. What you choose will depend on the type of shingles you have and if there is already a coating or any pretreatment done by the manufacturer of that material.

Here is how you should choose roof coatings for shingles.

  • Check the attributes of the shingles. Some shingles are waterproof. Some are more resistive to normal wear and tear. Some materials are relatively immune to damage from rain, sun and wind. Some shingles will stand strong and resist UV damage. It is unlikely that your roofing shingles will have all these attributes. It is quite possible that the shingles you choose will have none of the protection we are talking about here. The attributes possessed by the shingles or what they lack will influence your choice.
  • The first objective is waterproofing. You must have your roof immune to running water and ponding. Flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to water stagnation. Many shingles available today are water resistant but they are not waterproof. There is a difference. Water resistance means the material will be able to protect itself against normal flow of water. But such materials will not be able to hold against torrential downpour or if there is any moisture buildup due to algae, mold growth, debris or any other factor such as moss. When water doesn’t run off smoothly, a sloped roof will develop leaks. Flat roofs will develop leaks when stagnated water exerts an additional weight on the surface. Thus, you must choose roof coatings for shingles that can make your roof waterproof.
  • The second objective is overall safety or protection of the roof. That would call for roof coatings for shingles that can prevent blow-offs, peeling, chipping, cracking, denting and can prevent the shingles from flying off or breaking during strong winds or heavy rains. Even the sun wreaks consistent havoc on the shingles and over time they can get severely damaged. The ultraviolet rays and the heat of the sun are particularly damaging. You may get multiple roof coatings for shingles or you can get one coating that can attend to all these purposes.

Some shingles are fireproof or fire retardant. If there is no existing coating or any pretreatment to this effect, then you would need a coating to make your roof fireproof.

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