Roof Coating Over Shingles

The benefits of roof coating over shingles!

Roof Coating Over ShinglesShingles are the most common type of roofing material. You may choose asphalt shingles which are very popular, primarily because of the price. You may settle for tiles, cedar or wood shingles, metal shingles or slate. The popularity of slate has been on the rise but its cost is a huge deterrent for most people. Metal shingles are a fine balance between cost and quality or durability. Asphalt shingles have far too many weaknesses but they cost very little as compared to other choices. Wood shingles are not exactly a wise choice. Clay tiles or concrete tiles can be wise choices provided you are willing to pay for them.

No matter what kind of shingles you choose, you will need to account for some roof coating. The significance of roof coating over shingles cannot be overstated. Even slate will require certain coatings, despite being substantially hard and very durable.

  • The first major benefit of roof coating over shingles is protection against normal wear and tear that can be caused by use, time and weather. As a roof ages, it will suffer some damage. Debris, rain, the sun and moisture; all would contribute to the steady or at times quick degradation of the shingles and thus the roof. If you want to prolong the life of the roof and if you wish that your roof manages to retain some aesthetic value or its original splendor, then you must invest in coating. Else, your roof will soon look much older and much weaker than it actually is.
  • Roof coating over shingles can have one purpose or it may have many purposes. It could be specifically for waterproofing. Not all roofing shingles are waterproof by default. Most would need some waterproofing treatment. That can be done with a roof coating.
  • A roof coating may cater to the specific purpose of protecting the shingles against UV damage. No material is naturally immune against UV rays. Slate may be less damaged than asphalt but they both do get damaged. With effective roof coating over shingles, you can completely protect the shingles from UV.

Then you can get a roof coating over shingles specifically for protection against strong winds. Many shingles can get blown away, they can come off and there could be dents or cracks when there is a thunderstorm or some strong winds. Certain coatings are very useful in such situations.

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