Roof Coating For Shingles

Consider Roof Coating for Shingles

Roof Coating For ShinglesThere are only a few times when you should be considering roof coating for shingles:

  • When the shingles are old and disrepair.
  • When you live in a hot climate and want to reduce energy costs.
  • When you are restoring your roof because of damage/leaks.

Most shingles do not need a roof coating. As a matter of fact coating new shingles is completely unnecessary but roof coating for shingles can work out well when you are trying to restore a roof and do not want to have to start from scratch.

Roof Restoration

Roof coating for shingles can easily restore your roof to pristine condition without having to rip off the old shingles and start with a clean surface. There are several reasons why this beneficial. It is less costly to roll the coating right over the shingles.

For roof restoration roof coating for shingles also gives your roof an added layer of protection.

Environmentally Friendly

Not having to discard debris into the landfill is always a good option. Roof coating for shingles means that there is less waste since the coating goes right over the shingles. It is a much more ecofriendly option than ripping off the old shingles and starting over.

Of course you also do your part to keep manufacturing down by using what you have and not consuming new shingles.

Cost Savings

Roof coating for shingles is less expensive then opting for a new shingles. It can be a huge savings.

Energy Efficiency

Roof coatings for shingles can help to keep cooling costs down. There are reflective options that will reflect the heat of the UVA rays and keep them from heating up your house. This is an excellent option for warmer climates that get a lot of sun.


Roof coating for shingles can extend the life of your roof by 15-20 years (in some cases as long as 50 years). It can add value to your property by making your roof look brand new and of course it is a much greener choice.

You can talk to a tech at / that can further discuss your roof coating options and give you more information about warranties and how it all works.

It is a good choice for anyone that wants a new roof but that does not want to go through all the extensive work, waste and expense of a new roof.

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