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Rincon GA Commercial Roofing Company

Are you looking for a reputable and affordable Hinesville, GA or Rincon, GA commercial roofing contractor?

At Tech Roof Pros, we specialize in commercial roofing projects, including flat roofs, which are one of our specialties. So if you’re on the hunt for a top Hinesville or Rincon, GA commercial roofing contractor that works with flat roofs, you won’t need to look any further!

As a Rincon GA Commercial Roofing Company , We love flat roofs

Flat roofs are quite common on commercial structures and they offer a host of benefits, along with some drawbacks.

Flat roofs are favored for their ease of access. Inspections and small maintenance projects are much easier on a flat roof since you’re not dealing with a steep pitch. Many buildings will also put the flat roof space to use, like creating a container garden, lounge, pool or sitting area, while other property owners will install HVAC systems, electricity generators and other machinery on the roof. This allows for many benefits, since you can maximize your space usage, which is especially ideal if you have limited space.

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Using the space on a flat roof can also have drawbacks. You’ll need sufficient bracing and structural supports to accommodate roof-mounted machinery and other structures. The added foot traffic on the roof can degrade the surface, leading to premature wear and damage.

Flat roofs are also more prone to developing leaks, since the water doesn’t run off as quickly as it would on a flat roof. Therefore, adequate maintenance is essential.

A poor roofing job on a flat roof can also result in ponding and water pooling, which can degrade the roofing material, particularly if the water fails to drain away on its own. In truth, a flat roof isn’t perfectly flat; there is a very slight slope to promote drainage, but any errors in this regard can result in chronic ponding and roof leakage problems.

As a reputable and trusted Rincon and Hinesville, GA commercial roofing contractor, Tech Roof Pros is fully licensed, bonded and insured, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind when you turn to our team!

We also offer guarantees on our roofing repairs because if we can’t stand behind our work, why should you?

If you require help to repair or restore the flat roof on your commercial property, call Tech Roof Pros. We offer free same-day price quotes so you can get started with repairs straight away!

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