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Hiring Residential Roofers Savannah GA

Residential Roofers Savannah GAAs a homeowner, you need to have a hands-on approach every time you hire a contractor or a technician for some purpose. If you hire a plumber, then you should observe the work being done and although supervision is not necessary at all times, still you should inspect the job done by the plumber. The same applies to an electrician, a handyman, landscapers and residential roofers in Savannah GA. If you don’t observe and inspect the work being done then you have only yourself to blame should something be amiss or the work done be unsatisfactory.

How To Inspect The Work Done By Residential Roofers Savannah GA

There are four phases of inspection that every homeowner will have to indulge in. You need to be proactive and not just active. Here is a brief guide to help you inspect the work done by residential roofers in Savannah GA.

  • The first inspection that must be done is prior to hiring any roofer. You should be able to obtain at least two references from the roofer and then you should visit a site. That site could be a property where the roofer is working presently or has just finished work. It could also be a site where the roofer had worked many years back. Ideally, there should be one site where the roofer had worked a while ago and one site the roofer is working on or has just finished working. Inspecting the roof at this site will help you to understand the kind of job the roofer is capable of. Seeing is believing and it is an indisputable fact.
  • The second inspection is the time when the roofer is just about to get started at your home. Check the materials they have brought with them, ensure that you are getting the materials promised in the contract, do have an observant eye for the roofers working at your property and see that they prep up the deck before getting up with the roofing materials.
  • The third phase of inspection is when the roofers are half way through the project or done through a part of the roofing, repairing, replacement or maintenance. This check is to ensure that the job is progressing as it should, that there is no useless wastage of materials and that the roofers are on schedule.

The final phase of inspection is after the job is completed. You should be completely satisfied with the work done and there shouldn’t be any installation, repairing or replacement errors. Only then should you make the final payment.

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