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Reroofing Company Guyton GAThere are several reasons to reroof your home rather than do a tear off and replace your roofing. Reroofing says time, costs less and comes with fewer risks than replacing the roof. Although a good reroofing company Guyton GA homeowners use for their roofing needs can advise you on reroofing your home, there are a few things you should be aware of as well.

Should Your Reroof?

Most building codes allow for two layers of asphalt shingles to be on a roof if the roof is structurally sound. In some cases, building codes will allow for three layers of asphalt shingles for roofs with a pitch of 5:12 or more. If you only have one layer of shingles on your roof, you should consider reroofing instead of replacing your roof when it needs minor repair work.

Choosing New Shingles

If you are reroofing over an asphalt shingled roof, then you will want to choose a good quality, heavy shingle to use over the other layer of shingles. A shingle that is laminated or other types of heavy shingles don’t have to be fitted exactly over the previous layer and they help hide any problems like irregularities or bumps on the existing roof.

The only thing you need to be concerned with when doing an overlay on your roof is that shingle manufacturers won’t always guarantee their products when they are used for reroofing a home. Also, if your have a home owners association, double check shingle requirements before you buy them so they comply with your HOA’s standards.

Roof Ventilation

A roof needs to be well ventilated to keep it from getting too hot. If it does get to hot under the roof, the roof decking and rafters can be damaged. If your roof seems to have deteriorated too quickly, then inadequate ventilation may have been the culprit. Standard roof ventilation requires intake vents at the soffits and exhaust vents at the peak of the roof.

Hiring Reroofing Company Guyton GA

Fortunately, when you hire Tech Roof Pros, a reroofing company Guyton, GA homeowners trust, they will do a free inspection that not only includes examining your roof’s shingles, but the insulation and ventilation systems as well. Their experienced professionals use the latest technology for inspecting roofs and will give you a written report that includes their evaluation and recommendations.

They will recommend how to reroof your home and give you a complete written estimate on all of their work.

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