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Reroofing Company Crescent GAMost of us don’t notice our roofs as we leave or enter our homes everyday. However, by making it a habit to inspect your roof, you can catch small problems before they turn into costly repairs. If you do spot problems during an inspection, you can call a reroofing company Crescent GA homeowners use for repairs.

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It recommended for you to inspect your home’s roof at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. You don’t need to risk life and limb to inspect the roof of your home, in fact, you don’t need to get on the roof to do so. The roof should be inspected from the outside and the inside of your home in order to spot any existing and/or potential problems.

Inspecting the Roof from Outside

To do an exterior roof inspection, all you need to do is walk around the perimeter of your home so you can see most of the roof. There will be obvious signs of wear on most roofs that need to be taken care of after you’ve found them.

For homes with asphalt shingles, they will become brittle after they’ve gotten old and they have granules, which are like sand, that will come off with wear. If you spot the shingle granules in the gutters, then you know they have some wear on them. Bare spots on the shingles, curling, torn or warped shingles indicate they have some age on them and your roof needs attention right away.

Inspecting the Roof from Inside

You can also check for roof damage from the inside of your home. You should start by looking in the attic and then at your ceilings and walls. In the attic, you can look for sunlight shining into the attic, which indicates you may have a hole in your roof. Also, look for dark spots or dark lines that could indicate the presence of mold.

Check for decking that may be sagging or rafters that have fallen in the attic. If you see any of these problems, you need to call Tech Roof Pros, which is a reroofing company Crescent, GA homeowners can trust to properly perform roofing repairs.

Inspecting your roof twice a year will help you catch minor problems before they can become major, costly roof repairs. If you can spot them early enough, then you may only need to reroof your home.

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