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Why You Should Consider Reroofing Company Brunswick GA to Save Money

Reroofing Company Brunswick GAWhen you have issues with your home’s roof, you may not need to replace it if the issues are minor. Having it reroofed can resolve the problems with your roof and save you thousands of dollars as well. Along with saving money, when you have a reroofing company Brunswick GA residents depend on do the work, it can save you time and increase your home’s value as well.

How Reroofing Company Brunswick GA Saves Money

If your home’s roof only has some minor problems, like worn or missing shingles, getting it reroofed is often better than replacing the roof, especially in terms of cost. When a roof is replaced, the old shingles have to be torn off and disposed of, which involves additional costs for labor and disposal of the shingles. However, these costs are avoided by reroofing.

Reroofing Saves on Disposal Costs

The reroofing process is fairly simple, new shingles are laid over the old ones and they are secured to the roof. There is much less roofing waste to be concerned with and there is usually no need to hire a dumpster for the waste. In some areas, you may have to separate asphalt shingles from other debris, which takes time. However, since there is no tear off involved, there is no separation to be done.

Reroofing Saves on Labor Costs

Since the old shingles are not going to be torn off, time will be saved, which means labor costs will be less when you reroof your home. Depending on the size of your home, most reroofing projects can be done in one day, so there is much less labor costs involved than there would be with replacing the roof. A roof tear off would add at least another day to the roofing project, if not more.

Reroofing Saves on Material Costs

When a roof is replaced, not only do the shingles need to be replaced, but the felt below them does as well. However, when a reroofing company Brunswick, GA homeowners use to reroof their homes, the only materials usually needed are the new shingles. Not needing to buy felt can save up to $10 per square foot.

If your roofing issues are minor, it makes much more sense to reroof rather than completely replace it. You will save money and time, as well as increase your home’s value by contacting Tech Roof Pros, a reroofing company Brunswick, GA homeowners can call for all roofing needs.

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