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Reroofing Company Bloomingdale GABeing able to tell when your roof needs repairs will save you money and aggravation when you call a reroofing company Bloomingdale GA homeowners use for their roofing needs. You need to catch any roofing problems you have before you need to set buckets around your house to catch raindrops from your leaky roof.

How to Tell When Your Roof Needs Reroofing Company Bloomingdale GA

What You Should Notice

You don’t need to climb up on your roof to do a visible inspection of it, you can do so from ground level. There will be some obvious signs that you need to have a reroofing job done or at least some repairs made. Among these signs are missing shingles, signs of algae, loose materials around the vent pipe or chimney, and check the drainage pipes for the roof to make sure they are not sagging or detached.

Missing Shingles

Heavy winds during a storm can easily tear shingles off a roof, especially if they were not attached well. When you give the roof of your home a visual inspection, if you notice missing shingles or shingles that are cracked or torn, you need to have a reroofing company Bloomngdale, GA homeowners trust examine your home’s roof more closely.

Signs of Algae

A wet roof can mold or rot, but in places with high humidity, algae can grow on roof as well. Algae will appear to be dark or green stains on the shingles. Mold, fungi and bacteria can grow quickly on a roof that has moisture related problems. If you see any mold, rot or algae, call Tech Roof Pros to take a look at your home’s roof.

Loose Materials

Any loose shingles or other roofing materials around the vents or the chimney needs to be addressed to avoid leaks in the roof. Bits of shingle granules, which resemble sand, may also be found in the drainage pipe. If you do see the granules, that is a sign of advanced roof wear.

Drainage Pipes

The roof’s drainage system needs to be in good shape to prevent leaks in your foundation, which could destabilize your home. Walk around your home to check for sagging or detached drain pipes. Also, check to make sure the water is running down them correctly when it is raining.

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