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A Glimpse Into Re-roofing Cost Savannah GA

Re-roofing Cost Savannah GAThe re roofing cost in Savannah GA would depend on the scope of the project and several other factors. Let us first clarify something. Reroofing is often synonymous with a new roof. If you are getting your entire roof replaced or reroofed then you are looking at costs similar to that of a new roof and its installation. There are some subtle differences such as the deck may be as it is and there may be little prepping needed. Also, if the insulation is done in the interior then there is no need for new insulation. Such factors will bring down the re roofing cost in Savannah GA vis-à-vis cost of a new roof.

The primary factors that influence re roofing cost in Savannah GA are the size of the roof, the area of the roof that has to be reroofed, the pitch, accessibility and the material. Additional installations such as coatings or weather guards will also influence the cost. The larger a roof or the larger the area that needs to be reroofed, the more difficult it is to access the roof and the steeper the slope; higher would be the re roofing cost in Savannah GA. The correlation of material and cost is pretty simple to understand. Asphalt is the cheapest, slate is the dearest.

Now, reroofing is often partial. So that would cost less. Complete reroofing would cost substantially more. But the labor charges would remain the same, per hour or according to the project particulars. The per hour labor charges would not vary depending on the size of the area or the roof being reroofed.

Typically, you are looking at a cost of $10,000 for complete reroofing or roof replacement. That is the nationwide average for an average American home. But the re roofing cost in Savannah GA would be much less. Asphalt reroofing would cost less than $5,000 and cedar reroofing would cost close to twice that amount.

Removing the existing roofing materials would also figure in the considerations while determining the re roofing cost in Savannah GA. The more labor the roofers have to put in and the more complicated the removal of existing materials is, the higher would be the charges.

Your choice of roofer will also play a role in determining the cost. There are super affordable roofers in Savannah GA and there are some that charge exorbitantly. Choose wisely.

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