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How To Assess A New Roof Estimate

New Roof EstimateThe entire process of getting a new roof begins with a quote. You can do all the research you want and you may get all the advice you need but unless you get started with hard numbers, there is very little headway into the process. Call up your local roofers and get a new roof estimate from every company that is relevant. When we talk about relevance, it is the experience of the roofer and the particular expertise in the kind of roof you want. There is no point in asking every random roofer for a new roof estimate.

When you get the estimates, you need to compare them but that is only possible after you can assess each quote. Here is how you should assess every new roof estimate.

  • First, check the numbers. Don’t fall for the ridiculously cheap quotes and don’t reject the steepest quotes at face value. Try to delve into the details. Bear in mind the amounts that are quoted but don’t rely on solely that to make up your mind.
  • Get into the details. What type of material have you chosen, is it mentioned, what variant of the material is being talked about, how much material has been quoted for, what is the type of installation, the utilities and supplies that are necessary for that installation and what kind of additional installations would be there? You need answers to these questions in the details of a new roof estimate. For instance, rubber roof can be installed in three different ways and they have varying financial impact. There are many types of metals used for roofs and then there are various types of coatings that each material would demand. You need a new roof estimate to shed light on all these aspects. You cannot trust a cheap quote just by its face value because it may not include all the costs. And a dearer quote may not be rejected because it may be so that all prices are included and there would be no revisions. Possibly, you can negotiate and get a better deal but the cheapest quote will only skyrocket as you get into details.

Check out the terms in the new roof estimate. The modus operandi of the roofer, how well trained the technicians are, how many technicians would be working on your project, how long the whole project would take and what kind of warranty would you be getting; all such aspects must be shed light upon in the new roof estimate.

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