Moss on Roof Savannah GA

Getting Rid of Moss On Roof Savannah GA?

Moss on Roof Savannah GAYou will have moss on roof in Savannah GA. How much moss you have or the consequent problems that are caused and the severity of the entire scenario would depend on many factors. If you have moss on roof in Savannah GA, then you must get rid of it sooner than later. Moss can cause leaks. It looks unsightly and can cause some irreparable damage to your shingles or whatever roofing material you have. There are case studies where moss has damaged the roofing deck and the substrate layers as well. Do not ignore moss on roof in Savannah GA. If you can tackle it on your own, then so be it or you should contact your roofer immediately.

How To Deal With Moss On Roof Savannah GA?

There are many ways to deal with moss on roof in Savannah GA.

  • Let us talk about removing moss. You can use one of the many products available in the market that are meant for removal of moss, mold and mildew. There are some that have to be sprayed. Some need you to just sprinkle them or make the moss inflicted areas wet with the solution. There are certain products which you have to use in a washing solution and then you have to clean your roof. All these products have varying degrees of impact. Some can completely get rid of the moss on roof in Savannah GA while many would be partially effective. You need to choose the best solution out there. Alternatively, hire a roofer to get the job done.
  • You can always play around with some acidic or base solutions to get rid of moss. This is more of a homemade solution. You can use some acids such as vinegar, orange or lemon juice. Tomato juice will also work. You can use bases such as baking soda or powder, salt, ammonia, soap or bleach. Choose only one. Don’t mix the acids or the bases. The objective is to turn the roof surface slightly acidic or basic. Moss doesn’t thrive in either environment. You should also think of draining all the moisture out of your roof. If it doesn’t get natural sunlight then use artificial drying and heating methods. Don’t use strong acids or bases. That would damage the roof.
  • You can use pressure washers to get rid of the moss but be careful not to damage your roof.

You can prevent moss on roof in Savannah GA with regular maintenance, cleaning and by getting rid of all shades and sources of moisture, which are two primary reasons why moss grows in the first place.

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