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Asphalt Shingles Vs Metal Shingles Rincon GA

Metal Shingles Rincon GAAsphalt shingles have been around for a long time. Metal shingles have also been used for centuries but the popularity of asphalt shingles has been greater because of their cost and easy availability. For residential properties, asphalt shingles have traditionally been a kind of an obvious option for roofing. Metal roofing has attained phenomenal popularity in recent times and today, most property owners are choosing metal shingles Rincon GA over asphalt shingles. There are pragmatic reasons why such a change in preference has happened and is likely to happen for decades in the future.

  • There are many shortcomings of asphalt shingles which you don’t have to deal with when you go for metal shingles in Rincon GA. The first major limitation is that asphalt shingles cannot be installed on flat roofs. They are only viable for steep sloped roofs. Even if a property has a low sloped roof, asphalt shingles will not be the ideal choice. Thus, commercial properties which usually have flat roofs will find this choice a nonstarter. Residential properties that have flat roofs or even if there is a portion of the roof that is flat or low slope, the asphalt shingles will not be viable.
  • The second shortcoming of asphalt shingles, especially in comparison with metal shingles, is their inability to cope with changes in weather. Metal shingles in Rincon GA would be able to deal with high winds and sun, snow and rain with equal ease. Asphalt shingles will perform horribly when the weather changes. Asphalt shingles tend to crack, wear away and even break when the temperature dips considerably. Even when the temperature rises quickly from a dip, the asphalt shingles will show signs of vulnerability and may even compel you to opt for reroofing or roof replacement.

Lifespan of Metal Shingles Rincon GA

Asphalt shingles have a very poor lifespan. There would be a warranty that would protect you in the first few years but as the first decade approaches to an end, the asphalt shingles will start to wear out to an extent that you would not only have to pay for repairs but you may have to consider reroofing. It is very common for property owners who had opted for asphalt shingles to being compelled to opt for a new roof after a decade or within the first fifteen years. With metal shingles in Rincon GA, you can rest assured for three to five decades.

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