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Pros and Cons of Wood and Metal Shingles Brunswick GA

Metal Shingles Brunswick GAInstalling a new roof or investing in roof replacement is an expensive exercise. You will be spending a considerable part of your savings, unless you are a millionaire, on a new roof, reroofing or roof replacement. Even roof repairs cost a fair amount and many property owners find the expense to be unsettling to an extent. Whether you have saved up enough for a new roof or you can comfortably bear the expenses, you should still want to choose the best roofing material for your property. There are many materials to choose from, among which metal shingles would be a clear winner. However, you should consider the pros and cons of all the roofing materials before arriving at an inference.

Wood Shingles Vs Metal Shingles Brunswick GA

Since comparing all materials will be beyond the scope of this discussion, let us consider wood shingles and metal shingles and let us explore why a property owner should choose metal shingles in Brunswick GA.

  • Wood shingles are expensive. You may also choose wood shakes but that too would be expensive. When you consider any roofing material, you don’t just pay for the base material. There are many additional investments such as on weather shield, fastening, flashing and several other fixtures. Comparing the cost of wooden shingles and metal shingles in Brunswick GA, you would clearly see why the latter makes more sense.
  • Wood shingles are not fire retardant. By its natural virtue of being combustible, quite readily, wood shingles or shakes can catch fire and it may be extremely difficult to douse the flames. The entire property and the safety of the family or occupants of the property can be severely threatened with wood shingles. Metal shingles on the other hand are noncombustible. They will not catch fire under any circumstances.
  • Wood shingles require an expert to install. You should also choose an expert to install metal shingles in Brunswick GA but the installation process is much simpler. An expert is likely to charge you less for installation of metal shingles in Brunswick GA than what would be charged for installing wood shingles.
  • Wood shingles are not like metal shingles which don’t need much cleaning, attending to or maintenance. You can install metal shingles in Brunswick GA and forget about the roof for many years, unless it becomes too dirty or loaded with debris, when you would have to clean it. Wood shingles will bother you time and again with a horde of problems.

Wood shingles can be damaged by mold, they can rot, they are vulnerable to insects and termite is certainly a severe concern. None of these concerns would exist if you choose metal shingles in Brunswick GA.

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