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Asphalt, Cedar & Rubber Roofs Vs Metal Roofs Savannah GA

Metal Roofs Savannah GAA property owner would always be torn between at least two choices when it comes to roofs. Commercial property owners would have to choose among built up, modified bitumen, rubber and metal roofs. Homeowners would typically consider asphalt, cedar, rubber and metal roofs in Savannah GA. Concrete, clay and slate are more expensive and thus not many homeowners even consider them as alternatives.

When you have to choose among asphalt, cedar, rubber and metal roofs in Savannah GA, you must conduct a thorough assessment to study the pros and cons. Here is a brief assessment to help you decide.

  • Asphalt doesn’t stand a comparison against metal roofs in Savannah GA. Asphalt is fragile in comparison. The warranties you would get shall be twenty years in best case scenarios. Asphalt roofs look dated and aged just after five years. Then you must consider the endless problems of leaks and blow-offs and numerous other problems that asphalt roofs are vulnerable to. Chances are you would be spending thousands in repairs over a course of twenty years. You will be saving some money initially as asphalt is much cheaper than metal roofs in Savannah GA but do you want a sturdier, more durable roof that requires little maintenance and little to no repairs over a long course of time or do you want a fragile roof that would keep having problems time and again?
  • Cedar also doesn’t stand a comparison against metal roofs in Savannah GA. Imagine the contraction, expansion, the warping and the various problems that come with wood. The choice is also not eco friendly. Metal roofs are environment friendly, they are recyclable and you can resell them. Cedar shakes are also prone to moss and algae growth, not to forget the harsh and dark stains that are very hard to get rid of. Cedar would be slightly more affordable than metal roofs in Savannah GA but it is a much inferior choice.

Rubber is the only material that stands some comparison with metal roofs in Savannah GA but then rubber is light and it isn’t very sturdy against the weather extremes. Metal is much sturdier. Rubber too needs low maintenance so you have to choose between the high solar reflectance of metal and the slight savings with rubber. Metal would emerge as the more pragmatic and utilitarian choice. Rubber isn’t good for any additional installations whereas metal roofs in Savannah GA would have a higher load bearing capacity.

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