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A Glimpse Into Metal Roofing Cost Savannah GA

Metal Roofing Cost Savannah GAMetal roofing cost in Savannah GA is among the most affordable in the country. That is also why so many property owners prefer such roofs. But metal roofs are not among the cheapest. They are more expensive than asphalt and cedar, also more expensive than rubber. There is no debate that metal roofs are far superior to all these materials. The only material that can come into contemplation with metal roofs is slate and that is super expensive. You may be looking at half or a third of the property’s value if you were to opt for slate.

Now, there are various factors that would influence your metal roofing cost in Savannah GA. But these factors aren’t very different from when you would opt for other materials. The size of your roof, the slope and thus the pitch ratio, the kind of material or metal you choose, the labor charges and the various prepping and accessories that you would opt for. Let us not consider weather shields, coatings or insulation’s as it would be completely your prerogative which brand, type and material you would want for those purposes.

Excluding labor charges and additional expenses, you are looking at anywhere from $300 to more than $1,000 per hundred square feet of your roof. The cost would vary depending on the metal you choose, the type of panel or tile or sheet you opt for and the brand you select. There are obviously many manufacturers of metal roofs. There are also various types of every material. You can get stainless steel panels or tiles or aluminum panels and sheets. Then there are blends, different kinds of coatings, corrugation and anti corrosion treatments. All such factors would also influence your metal roofing cost in Savannah GA.

Typically, you are looking at a minimum investment of $12,000 in materials if you opt for corrosion resistant steel sheets. This cost can go up to as much as $20,000 and more should you go for the best brands and have additional coatings or weather guards. Basic interlocking steel shingles would cost much less. They can be as cheap as $5,000. Copper would cost you $25,000 and more, just in materials and aluminum roofs would cost you anywhere from $12,000 to more than $15,000.

There are many other blends and different varieties of each metal, depending on their quality and method of manufacturing. You must study the pros and cons, assess your needs and then make an informed decision. Do not make a decision solely based on metal roofing cost in Savannah GA. The attributes matter more.

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