Metal Roofing Cost Per Square

What Effects Metal Roofing Cost Per Square Foot?

Metal Roofing Cost Per SquareMetal roofing cost per square foot can vary greatly. There several main variables that will affect roofing cost per square foot. Understanding how costs are calculated can help you to better understand the pricing scale.

There are four main things that will affect how much your roofing cost per square foot will be.

  • Roof shape
  • Roofing contractor
  • Location
  • Roofing material

Of course most people realize that the roof size plays a role in how much the roof will cost overall but many people do not realize the shape of the roof will play a role in cost per square foot. If your roof is shaped oddly or difficult to get too you may wind up paying more per square foot.

Of course per square foot also can be affected by the roof contractor that you choose. As part of the roofing cost per square foot pricing the labor charges are added to the per square foot cost. In some cases you can negotiate the costs, take part in seasonal specials and take advantage of special sales. To keep this end of the cost down you can compare prices from different roofing companies to see who offers the best deal but do remember that quality work should always take precedence.

The labor cost can be disclosed as a separate cost per square foot or it can be rolled into the cost. You can ask the contractor how much of the square foot price is actually labor costs and a good contractor will be honest with you.

Where you live also plays a role in how much roofing cost per square foot you are looking at. The easier it is to get to you the cheaper the cost.


Roofing materials come in different price ranges. You can choose from roof coatings which can be the lowest costing option to ornate metal roofs which can be the most expensive option. Your roofing cost per square foot will greatly depend on the type of roofing material you choose.

A good contractor can sit with you and go over your options to help you find a solution that will stay within your projected budget and get you the roof that you love. You can contact / to make an appointment to discuss your options and learn more about roofing cost per square foot.

Once you understand your options you can easily find the perfect option.

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