Metal Roof Costs Per Square Foot

A guide to help you understand metal roof costs per square foot!

Metal Roof Costs Per Square FootSeveral factors influence metal roof costs per square foot. Those factors can be broadly classified into material and profile, accessories and underlayment, cost of installation or workmanship. It is futile to take a generic view and to presume the various choices you would make in every aspect because that may give you a very wrong idea of metal roof costs per square foot. Hence, it is necessary to add a caveat that your specific choices, from the exact type of metal to the quality, any additional attribute from coatings to design and your choice of roofer among other factors will determine the exact costs.

  • Now, let us begin with materials. Metal means stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, a blend of these metals or alloys and then there are various types of treated metals, from corrugated steel to stone coated steel. The cheapest metal you can get would cost you around $1 to $2 per square foot. If you look at a slightly better quality then the metal roof costs per square foot will easily scale up to $6. If you are looking at the finest choices or the premium qualities then you can spend anywhere from $9 to more than $14 per square foot. Not only would the type of metal influence this cost but also the design, the way it was manufactured, the form and profile as well as any other feature that you may opt for.
  • Metal roofs will require various accessories and they should match the type of metal and its profile that you have chosen. You would need drip edge, ridge and hip, there are valleys and flashings and several other materials, from underlayment which could be felt to coatings such as waterproofing. While there are many choices in these categories, you can expect the cost to be around 20% or a tad more of what the roofing materials would cost you. So you are looking at half a dollar if you are opting for metal roofing that costs $5 per square foot.

Finally, it is the cost of installation which is basically the labor charges of a roofer but such costs can also include the supplies and some other materials. You may pay nothing if you are doing it yourself or the metal roof costs per square foot for installation may be as much as $15. This cost will also depend on the choice of metal, profile and the method of installation. $2 to $4 per square foot is a reasonable cost of installation.

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