Metal Roof Cost Per Square

Metal Roof Cost Per Square

Metal Roof Cost Per SquareA roof is always measured in squares. That is regardless of the type of roof you have or the material you choose. A square is essentially hundred square feet, or ten feet by ten feet. A per square foot costing is not very pragmatic because some roofing materials are longer or broader than a foot respectively and thus it is quite difficult to begin the calculations with a per square foot approach. However, you can always take a metal roof cost per square and break it down to per square foot.

Metal roof cost per square will be determined by as many factors as other roofing materials. But the exact costs will be quite different. Installing asphalt and metal don’t cost the same, just as rubber and cedar don’t cost the same. Also, the costs of materials vary largely. Let us consider the type of metal you would choose before we try to figure out the total metal roof cost per square.

  • You have more than half a dozen choices in metal. There’s steel, corrugated steel, stone coated steel and anti-corrosion steel. There’s aluminum, copper, zinc and alloys that blend two or more of these metals. Now, the simplest steel can cost about $200 per square. Mid grade steel or aluminum may cost you around $500 to more than $600 per square. Copper or high end metal roofing will cost you more than $1200 per square. Calculate the total area you have and then figure out the squares your roof has. Accordingly, you would get the total metal roof cost. For a roof spreading across a thousand square feet, which means it would have ten squares, the total cost of mid grade metal roof will be somewhere around $5000 to $6000. That is the cost of the material.

You have to factor in installation costs, the supplies and tools you need to get the installation done and any kind of coating that you may need. All these costs are substantially varied. The installation costs or the labor charges in particular can vary a lot. Your choice of roofer will determine this cost. Presuming you hire a good roofer and get branded supplies, you are looking at around $10,000 to $12,000 for everything, including coating. The eventual or complete metal roof cost per square will boil down to about $1,000 per square or a bit more, that is if you have a roof totaling a thousand square feet.

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