Metal Roof Coating

The three types of Metal Roof Coating that you must invest in!

metal roof coatingA metal roof can be a very good investment, provided you choose the right material and an expert installer. A metal roof will last for decades and would need very little repairs or maintenance over time. It may be a tad costlier as compared to shingles or even cedar but a metal roof has many unparallel advantages. It is completely fire retardant. There is no way your roof will catch fire or even allow a fire to spread. Metal roofs are eco friendly and they have an amazing resale value. You can make as much as 80% of the initial cost should you choose to resell the roof. A metal roof enhances curb appeal and can increase the resale value of your property by as much as $20,000.

Like most other materials, a metal roof will also need a few coatings. There are three types of metal roof coating that you must invest in.

  • The first metal roof coating to consider is antirust. Modern metal roofs are constructed in a manner that they are the least vulnerable to rust but metal can and does rust. Some manufacturers make their materials rust proof so you don’t need any additional metal roof coating. But should the manufacturer not have an antirust metal roof coating already, you need to attend to it at the time of installation. Check with your roofer for the options. There are variants available to prevent a metal roof from rusting.
  • The second type of metal roof coating you will need is waterproofing. Metal is not porous and thus a metal roof will now allow water to seep through. A metal roof is also more robust than asphalt and wood in regards to waterproofing. But there will be seams, edges, valleys and peaks. You will need the roof as a unit to be waterproofed. Here again, there are different types of metal roof coating for waterproofing. Choose one that suits your needs and your budget.

The third type of metal roof coating you would need is for heat reflectivity. Metal does have a certain degree of solar reflectance but it is also a good conductor. So you need the roof to be shielded from the summer heat so it doesn’t get too heated up. Heat reflective metal roof coating can reduce the cost of insulation in your property.

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