How To Fix A Roof Leak

Guide On How To Fix A Roof Leak

How To Fix A Roof LeakLeak is the most common problem of any roof. Some roofs are less vulnerable to leaks and if you invest in the right kind of coatings and periodic preventive repairs or maintenance then you can avert most leaks. But not always can you be proactive and thus you will have that odd leak which will need some attending to.

Here is a stepwise guide illustrating how to fix a roof leak.

  • First, you should investigate the leak and find out the exact problem. Roofs leak for many reasons. There could be some substantial damage to the roof. Moss, mold and algae can also facilitate leaks. Shingles could be damaged, some shingles may be missing and there could be problems at the seams. Water stagnation or ponding can also lead to leaks. You must identify the exact cause so you can remedy that. Without attending to the moot problems, you cannot repair the leak. Also, you must try to conduct a holistic assessment of the roof. There could be more than one leak. Some leaks are obvious and some are not. It is the latter you should be worried about.
  • Once you know the problem, you must figure out the solution. You can try to fix a roof leak yourself or you may seek professional help. Opting for professional help is recommended should you be less accustomed with roofing materials and repairs. Not everyone is handy with tools and one may not have the technical knowledge and expertise to get the job done.
  • Get rid of moss, algae, mold and any debris that may be facilitating the leak. Choose the application remedy for the kind of leak you have. If there are problems at the seams or edges and the shingles or tiles are in good condition, then you will need adhesives or whatever is used in the type of installation you have. You don’t need to replace the shingles or tiles. You simply have to re-adhere the tiles or shingles so the leak is plugged. There are certain coatings and patches available which can be applied atop such seams or edges that would prevent the leak. But they aren’t always a permanent solution. If the shingles or tiles are damaged, cracked or missing then you would have to get new shingles or tiles to replace them.

Finally, you should again cater to the coating after replacing the shingles or tiles. You don’t want the roof to remain vulnerable to a future leak.

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