How To Fix A Leaking Flat Roof

Question: How to fix a leaking flat roof?

How To Fix A Leaking Flat RoofFlat roofs are vulnerable to leaks. Owing to the lack of slope, water stagnation is more common in flat roofs than sloped roofs. However, sloped roofs would just as easily leak as flat roofs. It is hard to draw a distinction between the two. Flat roofs can be made leak-proof, to an extent. With good quality waterproofing, appropriate coatings that would bear the weight of standing water and adequate maintenance including preventive repairs can avert leaks. But then there are seams, edges, flashing and installations of myriad kinds that can facilitate leaks.

Here is how to fix a leaking flat roof.

  • Get onto your roof, inspect it and find out the leaks. Identify all the leaks. Don’t stop at one or two obvious leaks. There could be many more. You need to figure out the exact cause of leak as well. It is not always the fault of the roof. Obviously the material has been damaged but then fixing it may be a temporary solution. It is quite possible that the substrate layers have got damaged or the deck has weakened. You also need to figure out the source of water. Rain is the obvious source but at times overhead tanks can overflow and can be the cause. Algae, mold and different kinds of debris may also cause the leaks. Don’t just look at the obvious roofing issue and repair the material or replace the roofing material. You need to take care of the associated or direct causes as well.
  • Once you have identified the leaks, you have to prep the area. You will have to remove the roofing material, get its adjoining parts removed as well just to be sure of having got rid of all damaged parts, you need to get rid of all water or moisture and then you must allow the area to dry. Don’t damage the deck or substrate layers. Should the deck or substrate layers or the roofing layers underneath the topmost membrane be damaged, they have to be replaced as well.

Today, you can fix a leaking flat roof with patches and primers. You can get ready-made patches that you can apply and they come with adhesive to stick to the underlying membranes or layers. All you have to ensure is proper application of the primer followed by the patch. You can also get some coating to apply on top of the patch to protect it from wear and tear.

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