How Much Is A New Roof?

How Much is a New Roof?

How Much Is A New RoofEveryone has the same question when they need a roof replacement “how much is a new roof?”. Unfortunately it is not an easy question to answer. There are a lot of variables that go into how much is a new roof. There are three main things that will influence the price of a new roof.

  • Size of the roof.
  • Type of roof.
  • Chosen materials for the roof.

Clearly the size of the roof is going to play a huge role in how much a new roof costs. If your roof is 1000 square feet that the cost will be relatively low, if it is 5000 square feet that it is going to be a little more expensive.

The pitch of the roof will also play a role is how much is a new roof. The pitch and the square footage of the roof will dictate material costs and labor costs. If you have a flat roof than it will likely be less expensive than a pitched roof because it is easier access, requires less materials and the labor is easier.

The materials may be the biggest factor in how much your roof is going to cost. The prices of materials greatly differ. Of course you should never settle for low quality materials just to save a few dollars.

Saving Money

A lot of people are under the misconception that a new roof is going to be a tremendously burdensome expense but when you look at the expense over the amount of years that you will get out of a new roof it really helps to put things in perspective. A new roof can wind up costing you a lot less than $1000 a year over the expected life of the roof.

When you are ready talk to a professional that can share with you ways to save some money on a new roof. Get the information that you need from a professional that can help you to understand how much is a new roof.

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Understanding how much a new roof costs can help you to make the right choices for your roofing needs.

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