House Cost Per Square Foot

How To Figure Your New Roof Cost – House Cost Per Square Foot

House Cost Per Square FootFiguring out how much a new roof or a roof replacement cost will be starts with knowing you house cost per square foot. Typically when a house is built or sold the price per square foot is listed (with site built homes). In that house cost per square foot is the cost of the roof.

When you choose to have a new roof or a replacement roof added to your pre existing home the cost is usually not broken down into cost per square foot unless you request the information.

Cost Per Square Foot for Roofing

The cost per square foot for roofing will include the following:

  • Cost for materials
  • Cost for labor

The cost can actually be broken down to how many roofing nails it will take to lay your roof. The right roofer will offer you a cost per square foot estimate to help you get a handle on what the overall cost is going to be and how it is justified.

Of course the right roofing contractor will easily be able to explain to you your materials options which greatly affect the cost. Going over these costs and looking for ways to save can easily help to make your new replacement roof much more affordable.

Ask Questions

One of the best ways to really understand the cost of a new or replacement roof is to ask questions. Some roofing contractors may not want to deal with 100 questions but the right one wants you to ask questions and make a well informed decision.

Any roofing contractor that cannot or will not give you a price per square foot you should avoid. Any roofer that has experience can easily determine what the cost per square foot is and be more than happy to supply that information.

The right roofing contractor wants everyone to be on the same page and to fully understand what the cost is associated with.

Understanding what you are paying for and how your material choices affect the overall cost is a very important part of making sure that you are satisfied with the results. No one wants to feel like they over paid or that they could have saved money if they were given other options. To avoid feeling like maybe you could have saved be sure to ask plenty of questions when you meet with the roofing professional.

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