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Do you need a reputable contractor to re-skylight your home or business? Turn to Tech Roof Pros, a top Hilton Head Roof Repair Company. Our technicians are experts in all types of skylights, roof repairs and roof replacements. From small vented skylights to large skylights in commercial structures, we install and service all skylights and repair all roofs.

If your roof or skylight is seriously damaged, you might want to consider installing a new and improved model. There are lots of different types of skylights to choose from, as they come in many different styles and sizes.

Vented skylights open to the outdoors. These are most common in smaller skylights and less common in the large skylights that you see in commercial structures.

Fixed skylights do not open to the outdoors, so they don’t provide you with any benefits in terms of ventilation. But these skylights are often available in very unique styles and structures.

Tubular skylights, also called sun tubes, use reflectors to funnel natural light from a small globe on the roof through a tube and into the structure. They’re great for illuminating smaller areas such as hallways and bathrooms.

If your skylight is damaged or needs replacement, turn to a leading Hilton Head, SC re-skylight repair company — Tech Roof Pros!

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At Tech Roof Pros, we’re bonded, licensed and insured, providing you with total peace of mind and confidence in our work. We also offer a guarantee on our workmanship.

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Don’t trust your skylight to just anyone! Trust the best Hilton Head, SC re-skylight repair company with your project. Call the experts at Tech Roof Pros to arrange a free inspection. Call 1-(912)-257-4976 or visit Techroofpros.com to learn more. We hope that when you need a Hilton Head Roof Repair Company that you will call us for a free inspection.