Gutter Replacement Cost

A Comprehensive Guide to Gutter Replacement Cost

Gutter Replacement CostGutter replacement cost depends on more than half a dozen factors. The two most significant determiners of cost are materials and labor. As you may be aware, the cost of materials and labor charges vary from city to city and state to state. You are likely to pay twice in New York of what you would pay in Savannah. Hence, if you are a resident of Savannah or own a commercial property, then you are looking at substantially affordable gutter replacement cost.

Now, the nationwide average of gutter replacement cost is difficult to ascertain because of the half a dozen variables which will influence the estimate. But one can safely consider the range of anywhere from $4 to about $9 per linear foot of replacement. You may not replace the entire gutter system in your house or property so the linear feet of replacement will determine the final cost.

You are looking at a gutter replacement cost of around $8 per linear foot. Considering an average of 150 feet of gutters including downspouts, you are looking at about $1200 on the relatively higher side and around $800 on the cheaper end for complete replacement. The cost will increase as you choose better materials, supplies and enhancements.

Let us now look at the specific factors that influence the eventual gutter replacement cost.

  • The cost of materials is a chunk. You may choose PVC, aluminum gutters, copper gutters or galvanized steel gutters. Vinyl and PVC are very affordable and copper is just out of the question for most people. PVC or vinyl would cost you up to $5 per foot, aluminum gutters can cost up to $9 per foot, steel will top out at $8 and copper will scale up to $20 a foot, which tells you why people don’t consider copper.
  • Labor charges can vary wildly. You may do it yourself to avoid paying for labor but beware of mistakes you will make that can cost you dearly. Get the estimates from local gutter replacement companies and compare the labor charges.

There are many elements that will influence the eventual cost. Gutter drainage has to be planned and designed. You cannot randomly install some gutters and downspouts. The old gutters will have to be removed and disposed, which will cost you money. The gutters have to be cleaned along with the rest of the property’s exteriors. Gutter guards, downspout screens and any kind of enhancement such as heat tape that you may want will also influence the cost.

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