GACO Applicator Hilton Head SC

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GACO Applicator Hilton Head SCAre you tired of having to recoat your roof year after year? It can be a real hassle to have to keep up with your roof coating. Tech Roof Pros has the answer! What if you could pay once and be done? What if you could have your roof coated with a coating that provides you with a lifetime warranty?

You can! Tech Roof Pros is an authorized roofing contractor for GACO applicator Hilton Head SC. Being a certified contractor as a GACO applicator Hilton Head SC is no easy task. Western GACO takes their job very seriously when it comes to certifying contractors because they offer a lifetime warranty on their materials.

The warranty is an air tight guarantee that you will never have to have your roof re-coated. GACO is a silicone coating that can easily hold up to the most extreme conditions.

GACO Applicator Hilton Head SC and Other Roof Coatings

All other roof coatings, including acrylics, urethanes, asphalt and Hypalon® soften under the stress of water that ponds on the roof. Gaco Roof’s unique silicone chemistry gives your roof an advantage over the elements.

  • Outperforms and outlasts all other roof coatings
  • Unaffected by harsh UV rays and severe weather
  • Withstands permanent ponding water without softening, bubbling or peeling from the substrate
  • Excellent resistance to mold, mildew and staining
  • Adheres to a multitude of substrates, reducing the amount of tear-offs

There is one caveat to the warranty of this roof coating. The roofing contractor has to be certified by the manufacturer. If the contractor is not certified than the material will not be warranted. In other words you want to use a roofing contractor like Tech Roof Pros to apply this lifetime warranted roof coating.

Why would you choose any other roof coating for your commercial property? You will never have to worry about your roof every again! This roof coating is available in 8 different color choices!

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Pick up the phone and call Tech Roof Pros the premiere roofing contractor for GACO applicator Hilton Head SC. It is a quick easy way to never have to worry about your roof again. Don’ keep throwing good money after bad on your roof. Choose the easy solution one time and never have to worry again!

Tech Roof Pros will come and do a FREE roof inspection and give you all the information you need to insure you make the right roof coating choice!

Tech roof Pros is a Gaco certified coatings applicator. We can help you extend the life of your roof by 20 or more years. In many cases we recoat rather than replace your roof which saves you thousands in repairs. So our coatings in many instances can save the entire roof while eliminating the costs associated with replacement. And because coatings is considered maintenance, you can write off the entire amount on this years taxes.

Call us for a free inspection and let us show you what the gaco coatings can do for your roof. You can also visit our website to know more about GACO applicator Hilton Head SC.