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Why Get a Free Roof Quote Ludowici GA Rather Than Do Roofing Work Yourself

Free Roof Quote Ludowici GAWhen you need to have roof repairs done you might assume you can handle a small job, such as a few missing tiles or shingles or the replacement of your gutters and downspouts. However, it’s always recommended that you instead get a free roof quote Ludowici GA rather than trying to handle any roof repairs on your own.

There are a few good reasons for this, and your own safety is one of those reasons. Consider why you might want to avoid getting on your roof to handle repairs and why instead you should always call a contractor for a quote for the sake of your own safety.

1. Setting up your ladder can be unsafe.

Putting a ladder up against a house is actually more complicated than many people realize. A ladder should be at a certain angle against a building, and homeowners often put it against the house so that it’s too straight or so that it’s too far out at the bottom. In both cases this increases the chance of the ladder slipping out from underneath you or simply falling backwards from the house. Either way, you are at risk for extreme injury.

It’s also vital that you secure the ladder at the bottom. A roofing contractor knows how to test soft dirt and knows how to ensure the ladder will not slip during his or her climb. If you don’t know how to do this when setting up your ladder, you’re again putting yourself at risk for a fall.

2. Transferring from the ladder and back again is very dangerous.

Another reason you should get a free roof quote Ludowici GA rather than try to do your own repairs is that transferring from the ladder to your roof and back again is very dangerous. Too often homeowners don’t extend the ladder high enough and try to step over the ladder or accidentally push it away from themselves when stepping onto the roof. This greatly increases their chances of falling and from that height, they can easily suffer a serious injury. In some cases this type of fall can even be fatal.

No matter the extent of the repairs to be done, always call a contractor for a free roof quote Ludowici GA. This will ensure you stay safely on the ground and don’t wind up paying more for medical bills than you do for your roof repair!

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