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What is Involved in a Free Roof Quote Hardeeville SC

Free Roof Quote Hardeeville SCWhen you need roof repair or a new roof altogether, you’ll want to get a free roof quote Hardeeville SC. A good roofing contractor will always offer a free quote so that you know the price to expect and will better understand the scope of the work to be done. A contractor will also need to fully inspect the area of your roof needing repair or the entire roof when it needs replacement before work begins.

To better prepare for your contractor’s visit it’s good to know what he or she will be doing to inspect your roof and preparing for the work. Typically they will need access to areas inside your house and will inspect more than just the roof. Consider what your contractor may need when preparing your free roof quote Hardeeville SC.

1. Inspecting the roof.

When a contractor inspects the roof he or she may do more than just walk around and take measurements. For roof repairs they may need to pull up surrounding shingles to inspect the damage underneath any that have blown away. They may need to see the roofing paper and note if there are leaks and tears that have damaged the building materials underneath your roof.

2. Inspecting your home’s exterior.

Often you’ll see a roofing contractor inspect the ground around your house and your foundation as well. This is because your gutters and downspouts should be directing water away from the house and if they are not, this water can pool around your foundation and cause it to become soft and crack. If a storm has blown away roofing tiles it may have also affected your downspouts and if so, a roofing contractor will want to inspect them to see if they’re still secure and doing their job properly. If not, they may need to be repaired or replaced as well.

3. Inspecting the attic.

Your roofing contractor will need to inspect your attic to prepare your free roof quote Hardeeville SC. This is because they need to see if water leaks and other damage have gone through the building materials and have affected your insulation or drywall. If so, these will need to be repaired at the same time or else mold may grow and your building materials may simply rot away. Expect them to ask for access to the upper areas of your house when they come to inspect your roof.

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