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Other Work to Be Done When You Get a Free Roof Quote Fleming GA

Free Roof Quote Fleming GAA roofing contractor usually can handle many other jobs besides just roof installation and repair. Because the roof affects many other parts of your house, a roofing contractor may be skilled at many other jobs around the home. When you call to get a free roof quote Fleming GA consider some other work you might ask about and have them work into your quote.

1. Installing new gutters.

Your gutters need to be wide enough to accommodate the average rainfall in your area, and if they’re not you may notice that they overflow quite often. This can lead to pooling and puddles of water near your foundation, which in turn can become soft and even crack or leak.

When you have your roofing contractor come out and give you a free roof quote Fleming GA be sure to ask about the installation of new gutters. These can protect your home and also make your roof look newer and more modern as well.

2. Installing skylights.

If you’ve ever thought of having a skylight in your bathroom or other room of the house, you might plan on having one installed when you have roofing work done. Since a roofer will be up on the top of the house anyway, this is a good time to have one or more skylights installed! Have them give you an estimate for several different sizes of skylights so you can pick one that works for your budget and ask if you can get a discount if you have it done when you have roof repair work done.

3. New insulation in the attic.

When a roof leaks it typically affects the insulation and building materials in the attic, so roofing contractors may handle the repair and replacement of these materials at the same time as roof repair. Even if you don’t have such damage, you might ask about new insulation when you get a free roof quote Fleming GA. This is because new insulation can better protect your home and help you save money on your utility bills. Blown foam insulation is often a better choice than fiberglass and if you have this installed when you have roof repairs done, you can save money every month on your utilities.

Consider having these additional jobs quoted when you get a free roof quote Fleming GA and having them done at the same time as your roofing work.

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