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Why You Should Always Get a Free Roof Quote Baxley GA in Writing

Free Roof Quote Baxley GAIf you need roof repair work done or an entirely new roof you want to get a free roof quote Baxley GA and you want to get it in writing. You should never work with a contractor that won’t provide a free estimate as they should be able to quote your job within a reasonable amount of time. Not getting a quote also means opening yourself up to surprises during the work, such as added fees and materials that may not really be needed.

Some companies may say that they can give you a free roof quote Baxley GA over the phone or they may offer you a verbal quote. However you want to be sure you always get this quote in writing and have a written copy before you give the okay for work to start. Consider why this is.

1. You may want to negotiate the quote.

Some aspects of your quote cannot be negotiated; the contractor may need a certain amount of time to finish the job and certain materials must be used for it to be done right. However, once you have your quote in writing you may want to negotiate other parts of the job. For instance, you may need to reconsider the type of tile or shingle you’re quoted and choose something more affordable. In some cases, choosing a composite tile can be much cheaper than other options.

Negotiating a quote can save you money but you typically can’t do this unless you see the quote in writing and can understand all its parts. This will tell you what things you can negotiate and what things cannot be changed.

2. You may want to break up the work to be done.

When your contractor gives you a free roof quote Baxley GA you’ll note all the work that he or she will do and if this is out of your budget you may want to break up the work and spread it out over time, where you can do this. As an example you may need to have a hole in your roof repaired immediately but if your gutters are pulling away from the house, you might be able to put off this repair for another month or two so you can better afford it.

By getting your free roof quote Baxley GA in writing you can then understand all the details of the work to be done and ask for changes when needed.

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