Flat Roofing Cost Per Square Foot

Tips to help you save on flat roofing cost per square foot!

Flat Roofing Cost Per Square FootFlat roofs can be costlier than sloped roofs but they are usually a tad cheaper. Only asphalt shingles can make sloped roofing cheaper. Most other materials used for flat roofs end up costing less than the materials for sloped roof. But then again, the total size of the roof, choice of roofer and other factors come into the picture. If a flat roof is slightly sloped, then the cost can increase substantially, often by a thousand or fifteen hundred bucks.

Any property owner would want to reduce the flat roofing cost per square foot. Here are some tips that can help you achieve that goal.

  • The first and the most significant way to save on flat roofing cost per square foot is to choose a material that would not burn a hole through your wallet. EPDM is a tad cheaper and it is also one of the more popular choices. You can very well settle for TPO or PVC which are a bit costlier. You may also go for built up roofing or modified bitumen which should cost you around what EPDM would cost you. You must assess the pros and cons of all these materials and figure out objectively which ones are the best suited for your property. Factor in the utilities that your roof must cater to and then do the assessment of which material will suit the needs. Accordingly, choose the cheapest option. You may wonder how much you may actually save by choosing among these materials. Well, the difference can be as much as three thousand bucks.
  • Always hire a roofer that has the necessary expertise but doesn’t charge you a small fortune. Some roofing companies have a tendency to overcharge. Do not fall for those exorbitant quotes in the garb of quality roofing. There are roofers who would charge reasonably and yet do a great job, possibly better than other more expensive roofers. You need to do your research and homework to get the best estimates and to choose the best roofer. Don’t opt for ridiculously cheap quotes because they would invariably lead to a compromise on quality.

To keep flat roofing cost per square foot under control, try to avoid fancy coatings and pricey insulation at the very start. Opt for relatively reasonable quality insulation and coatings that you absolutely cannot do without. Any surplus installation or avoidable attribute of the roof can be attended to later.

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