Flat Roof Systems

How To Compare Flat Roof Systems

Flat Roof SystemsFlat roofs have their advantages and they have their shortcomings or potential problems. Sloped roofs also have some inherent problems. A property owner has to consider the advantages and deal with the challenges. There are many flat roof systems you can choose from. The choices are categorized according to the material, the type of installation and the other features you may want in your roof, for example coatings, specific types of flashing and siding, skylights or any such attribute.

You need to check all flat roof systems and compare them to make the best choice. Here is a brief but helpful guide to compare flat roof systems.

  • First, consider the materials. There will be a degree of influence that the method of installation will bear on your decision making, especially because not every property is suitable for all methods of installation. Yet, you must consider the material first because that is the most important factor. You can choose rubber, metal, modified bitumen, built up roof, concrete or brick and mortar with adequate coatings including waterproofing. You may also opt for slate. Check out the pros and cons of all these materials. Modified bitumen, built up roof and rubber are the most popular flat roof systems. But metal or even concrete is by no means an inferior choice. You will have a certain budget and expectations of a certain degree of aesthetics and feel. Hence, the material you choose will have to attend to those preferences.
  • Second, check the installation method. The type of property you have, the nature of its construction, the kind of deck and substrate layers you have will determine the suitability. Usually, flat roofs can easily endure the built up methods or even the torch down and other sealing methods. Yet, you must have the roofer inspect your roof just to be sure. You don’t want your roof to bear a load greater than what it can bear. You don’t want the installation to be faulty because the method chosen was wrong.

Third, always choose flat roof systems after considering all your needs. Property owners often have a wide range of uses that they expect a flat roof to cater to. From installing satellite dishes to having overhead tanks, from hosting parties to any other necessary or fancy installation, you may want to do a lot of things on and to your roof. Confirm if the flat roof systems you are contemplating would cater to those needs or wants of yours.

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