Flat Roof Solutions

The Various Flat Roof Solutions At Your Discretion

Flat Roof SolutionsIt is a little hard to say which is the best material or type of flat roof because all flat roof solutions have its share of pros and cons. Then there are personal preferences. Costs of flat roofs also vary by region and thus there is substantial difference in the eventual investment. There is also considerable debate between sloped and flat roof solutions. When your property has a flat roof or deck, you need one of the flat roof solutions. Here are the common flat roof solutions that property owners opt for.

  • One of the oldest flat roof solutions is the built up roof. Popularly referred to as BUR, it is a traditional roof made of hot tar and gravel. This solution has evolved over time. From using tar paper to having fiberglass membranes, from multiple piles of waterproof material to using a combination of different roofing materials, the built up roof has come a long way. This is one of the best flat roof solutions if you want a fireproof roof. This roof looks classic but it has limited choices or varieties. These roofs are heavy so not all properties will be suitable for this kind of installation. The installation method is also quite extensive. But it is a durable choice and many owners of properties having flat roofs would not opt for any other solution.
  • Modified bitumen is another popular choice. It uses a torch down method of installation in most cases where the adhesive is heated and the material is unrolled atop it. Modern modified bitumen roofs don’t use the torch down system. There is a peel and stick method available today which makes for faster installation and is much less messier. The labor costs have also thus reduced. Modified bitumen is one of the finest flat roof solutions if you want an insulated roof and it is relatively affordable.

Flat roof solutions include metal and rubber roofs. You can opt for steel or aluminum or any kind of blend that suits your needs and property. You may also opt for rubber roof which could be of EPDM, PVC and TPO. You can weigh the pros and cons of each of those flat roof solutions and go for one that makes the most sense. Don’t just focus on the costs. Do consider the physical attributes and other factors, from durability to eco friendliness.

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