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Flat Roof Repair Garden City GAFor years now, flat roofs were known to have caused home owners and business owners many problems however in the recent years, there were many new products put on the market to help with the flat roof repair.

The bonding felt agent that is used with hot tar by the flat roof repair Garden City GA businesses offer the best solution for the flat roof repair. Many of the other contractors out there will offer a much different take on the flat roof repair systems but the three layer felt system is by far one of the best on the market to use to avoid any future flat roof damage.

In many of the older businesses and homes, the flat roof deck would have been installed using chipboard instead of the plywood that is now used. On top of the installation of the plywood, a three layer felt system is put in place with aluminum covering the top for the solar reflectiveness solution as well as a option for mineral surface option.

If you choose to opt out of the flat roof all together, there is the option of converting the flat roof to a pitched roof. If you opt to install a pitch roof, the use of slate or even concrete tiles is done to create the new roof type.

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If you are in need of a repair, the flat roof repair Garden city GA contractor will come to your home for a free estimate. With this free estimate, there is no paperwork to sign that will bond you to our services. The use of our estimate can be done for insurance purposes as well as to determine if we offer the best price on the market. We are able to help you determine if the price is right or if you need to shop around for a better price on the market.

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