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Flat Roof Repair Baxley GAThere you are, minding your own business, enjoying your favorite radio program when out of the blue a meteorite crashes though your roof. Thankfully it landed in bathtub and no one was hurt. Of course this presents a number of problems to deal with. What are you going to do with the meteor? Who is going to pay for your tub? What about that hole in your roof? At least that last problem can be easily solved with the help of your friendly, neighborhood roofing company.

Flat roofs vs sloped roofs

While having a meteorite crash though your roof would be a problem regardless of your roof design it is especially troublesome for a flat roof. The main reason being that flat roofs, without proper maintenance, tend to be far more prone to leaks. With a gaping hole in it all of the water will come pouring in instead of retreating to the drainage system. This is especially true when it comes to winter. A sloped roof will generally only accumulate so much snow before it comes off while a flat roof will just continue to accumulate if not taken care of. During the latest winter this can be downright dangerous with the several feet of snow many areas of the country experienced. That doesn’t mean a sloped roof is 100% safe from this hazard but stands a far lower chance of structural issues arising from accumulated snow than a flat roof would.

The Right Flat Roof Repair Baxley GA Company

Finding the right company to come out and patch up that hole in your roof might not seem like much of a task but some roofing companies do not have experience with flat roof designs. What works on a sloped roof will not work on a flat roof generally. As the materials used for a sloped roof are meant to reduce traction and move everything downward away from the home. Generally speaking these kinds of materials do not have the same stability or sturdiness needed in a flat roof design. While a flat roof should be cleared off regularly, by design it should be constructed and repaired with the enhanced stability in mind. Finding a company that does know how to work with a flat roof in your area might seem difficult that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Companies like Tech Roof Pros for example, fully understand the needs of a flat roof design and with their advanced technology and superior service you can rest easy knowing that at least the hole in your roof is in the right hands unlike that meteorite.

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