Flat Roof Maintenance Savannah GA

How To Approach Flat Roof Maintenance Savannah GA

Flat Roof Maintenance Savannah GAFlat roofs are just as popular as sloped roofs but the latter has some advantages, especially in temperate climates, which is why we get to see so few flat roofs in most cities across the country. Flat roofs last for a long time. There is some debate between roofers if sloped roofs last longer than flat roofs but there are instances where flat roofs have lasted fifty years and more. There are some old buildings, dating back to early 1900s, that have flat roofs and they are still standing strong. The secret is in the type of flat roof and the approach to your flat roof maintenance Savannah GA would also depend on what type of flat roof you have.

Flat roofs can be made with more than a dozen different materials. It can be made of asphalt, EPDM or ethylene propylene diene monomer, modified bitumen, cold applied liquid membranes, PVC or vinyl membrane, FTPO or flexible thermo polyolefin, TPO or thermoplastic polyolefin single ply and fiberglass among others. Each of these materials used for flat roofs has their set of advantages and some or many shortcomings. Your approach to flat roof maintenance in Savannah GA would be in accordance to the needs of the materials and the condition of your roof.

Flat roofs don’t usually have many problems unless they are left unattended and if there are some causal factors around. For instance, flat roofs can support growth of shrubs or weeds if they have cracked holes and the holes soil up. This happens primarily due to neglect, when water builds up on the roof and that doesn’t get drained in a timely manner. Clogged drains and accumulated snow or debris can also lead to several problems. Trees in the surroundings attempting to protrude through the flat roofs will also be a problem. Hence, flat roof maintenance in Savannah GA is not solely about ensuring a clean roof with free drains but also to keep trees and the immediate surroundings from adversely affecting the roofing structure.

Flat Roof Maintenance Savannah GA and Materials Used

Every material used for flat roofs require some seasonal maintenance. That may not be necessary every year but once every few years one needs to attend to some sealing, patching and weather shielding of the topmost layers on the flat roof. You can attempt flat roof maintenance in Savannah GA yourself but it is better if you get professional help when things look a little complicated or severe.

Call The Professional Flat Roof Maintenance Savannah GA

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