Flat Roof Cost Per Square

A Generic Guide To Flat Roof Cost Per Square!

Flat Roof Cost Per SquareIn roofing jargon, a square is an area of ten feet by ten feet. While you can get a roof cost per square foot, it is best to consider the unit of a square as most roofers will offer you estimates based on the squares. Typically, a flat roof measuring a thousand square feet will have ten squares and thus you would have to consider the flat roof cost per square.

Flat roof cost per square depends on many factors. In here, we shall only consider the material to give you an idea. It is beyond the ambit of just one discussion to factor as many as nine to ten different factors which will actually influence the flat roof cost per square.

Before we share some figures, let us consider a few constants. Let us fix the area of a roof to ten squares or a thousand square feet. Larger or smaller roofs will have an impact on the cost per square. Let us agree that the roof is entirely flat, that is there is no slope or roof pitch. Also, let us exclude all additional installations such as parapets, skylights, chimneys, hatches, insulations, coatings or anything else that you would want or may have.

  • If you opt for EPDM or what is commonly referred to as black rubber then you are looking at around $400 to $600 flat roof cost per square. The cost can increase depending on the brand you choose or what quality of EPDM you are opting for and the area where your property is. Such costs vary from one city to another, even if they are not very far from one another.
  • If you opt for PVC then you are looking at around $500 to more than $700 flat roof cost per square. PVC comes with varying thickness and that would influence the cost.
  • If you opt for TPO then you are looking at $450 to $600 flat roof cost per square.
  • Built up roofs or tar and gravel roofs will cost anywhere from $400 to $600 per square.

We are not considering rolled roofing as it is not among the recommended choices. In addition to the generic flat roof cost per square, you will have to factor in the installation method which will influence the cost. The quality of fasteners and other supplies will also have a bearing on the cost.

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