Flat Roof Coatings

Why Should You Invest In Flat Roof Coatings

Flat Roof CoatingsFlat roofs have several advantages, many of which are absolutely impossible for low sloped or steep sloped roofs to offer. Flat roofs are very utilitarian. The entire roof is usable in myriad ways. From installations of various types to offering you an additional outdoor space that you can use for anything, from a casual walk to hosting parties, there are many advantages of flat roofs. But there are some problems or challenges that you have to gear up for as well. It is these challenges which make flat roof coatings imperative. You must invest in flat roof coatings if you want your roof to perform well, to stand the test of time and if you wish to prevent sporadic needs of repairs and replacement.

  • The first major reason why you should invest in flat roof coatings is waterproofing. Flat roofs can be waterproof, depending on the material or type of roof you choose. But considering the fact that the roof is flat, there is an inherent problem of pooling. The slightest rain can result in water stagnation on the roof. Now, flat roofs may be strong enough to resist the load of standing water but it may not be strong enough to stop seepage of moisture or water into the roofing layers. Thus, it is wise to have a layer of protection in the form of flat roof coatings.
  • Flat roofs have a greater load bearing capacity than sloped roofs but there is a threshold you cannot cross. Every material has its limits. In case of immense traffic or too many installations on flat roofs, the material may get weakened or may be vulnerable to many problems. All of this can be avoided or at least prevented to a great extent with flat roof coatings.
  • Flat roofs remain directly exposed to sunlight for most parts of the day. Unlike sloped roofs that may have one or more sides not facing the sun directly and certainly not throughout the day because a shade would be cast by the virtue of the slope and the direction the slope faces, flat roofs have no such luxury. Thus, you need flat roof coatings to protect the roof from ultraviolet radiation.

Finally, flat roofs have a tendency to facilitate the accumulation of all kinds of debris. This will increase the load on the roof and can also facilitate leaks. Flat roof coatings will prevent such possibilities.

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