Estimate Cost Of New Roof

How to estimate cost of new roof?

Estimate Cost Of New RoofThere are many ways to figure out the estimate of new roof. You can simply call up a roofer and get an estimate. You can repeat this exercise with several roofers so you can figure out the average. But if you wish to estimate cost of new roof yourself then you need to have a planned approach. You cannot just add the cost of materials, workmanship or labor charges and then add a certain amount to figure out the total cost. The finer details have to be delved into so you can have a real estimate.

Here is a brief stepwise guide to help you estimate cost of new roof.

  • Do you have a roof or do you need a new roof for your new property? If you have a roof, then that has to be removed. It doesn’t matter what condition the existing roof is in. It has to be removed and that will cost you. The roofer will charge you a certain sum for this service. Now, if your property is new then it is likely that the deck is not prepped. You cannot just account for ordinary labor charges because the prepping may be quite extensive. It all depends on the type of property you have, the condition of the roofing deck and the type of roof you want. Normal prepping is usually accounted for in installation costs. But elaborate prepping will cost you extra. As you can imagine from these variables, many factors will influence your calculation to estimate cost of new roof.
  • Once you have factored in the above variables, you must figure out the total area of the roof, the slope you have or the lack of it, the installations you may want or the curbs you have on your roof which could be skylights, chimneys, hatches and also the flashings. All these and how many they are will influence the cost. Your roofer will want to know these before giving you a final quote and in many cases property owners don’t talk about these while asking for a quote. Effectively, roofers provide a wrong quote.

Finally, you have to decide if you would want insulation and any other installations along with the roof. Only then can you consider the primary material, the coatings, accessories or installation and workmanship to estimate cost of new roof.

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