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Why Should You Avoid DIY & Hire An EPDM Roofer Savannah GA

EPDM Roofer Savannah GAEPDM roofs have an amazing life expectancy. There are some companies that offer a lifetime warranty of thirty years. Some EPDM roofs have a total life expectancy of fifty years. Considering the cost of EPDM roofs, the lifespan is astounding and certainly very satiating. You may have heard of EPDM DIY kits and you may be tempted to opt against professional installation. It is true that EPDM roofs don’t need as much labor or in other words, it is not as labor intensive as some other common types of roofs. However, you do need to hire an EPDM roofer Savannah GA.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM is a synthetic rubber. It can be used in single ply roofing or multiple ply roofing. The installation is not very daunting but the technicalities are quite complex. It is due to the complexities that you should hire an EPDM roofer in Savannah GA and not attempt to do it yourself.

EPDM Roofer Savannah GA And Types of Installation

There are three types of installations that roofers around the world use for EPDM roofs. The ballast method is quite common but it is losing its popularity. The mechanically attached system is also very common but it has its shortcomings. The fully adhered system is by far the most advanced and also the finest installation method for EPDM roofs. It is these installation methods that make hiring an EPDM roofer in Savannah GA imperative.

With the ballast method, you would have to install the membranes or the plies along with slabs or stones, which will hold the membranes in their place. Mechanically attached roofs are usually pinned down EPDM membranes. In other words, the plies are nailed down or pinned into the lower decks or substrate layers. This method has its shortcomings because the weatherproofing underneath may get affected. It takes expert hands to ensure that the nails properly seal the holes that they are making during the installation process. Such kind of expertise is not attainable by a non-roofer. Thus, you should hire an EPDM roofer in Savannah GA.

The third method, which is the fully adhered installation process, is an extensive and complicated exercise. Special tools are needed, hot melt adhesive technology is used to install the membranes and there is a need for trained technicians or roofers.

Even before you consider installing EPDM roofs, it is better and wiser that you consult an EPDM roofer in Savannah GA who can plan the whole project for you.

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