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EPDM Roofer Pooler GAEPDM is one of the best solutions for flat roofs. The investment is relatively affordable. It is quite cheap in comparison with most types of roofing materials. The EPDM membranes or plies are readily available and they are also easy to deal with. Most importantly, EPDM roofs have an amazing longevity which makes them an ideal choice for your roof. In many cases, EPDM roofs come with a fascinating warranty of three decades or so. However, when it comes to the installation of EPDM roofs, there is a choice and that makes things a little complex.

Consult Your EPDM Roofer Pooler GA

You need to consult your EPDM roofer Pooler GA before deciding on a particular installation method. Here are the three methods of installation which you can choose from and which one you should choose would depend on several factors. It is those factors that you can discuss with your EPDM roofer in Pooler GA to make the right decision.

The three methods of installation are ballast, mechanical and adhered. As the names would imply, ballast method uses slabs or stones to put down the membranes in place and they help the plies to remain intact. Mechanical installation involves nailing down the membranes onto the roof deck or substrate layers. Adhered process of installation involves using adhesive and pasting the membranes onto the roof deck.

The ballast method is not the best one because it can be fragile. Not all roofs will be ideal for the placement or installation of large stones or slabs. However, if large slabs can be used which would be appropriate if the roof is large and strong, then the ballast method is the cheapest and also the simplest. Besides, the large solid slabs or stones will be strong enough to hold the EPDM membranes in place. The mechanical process has its shortcomings since you can damage the weatherproofing or waterproofing and the nailing method is not ideal for places where there is a possibility of very high winds or frequent storms. Adhering method is the best. There are many advanced adhesive technologies which are not very expensive and the installation method is simple as well. Such advanced adhering methods would be the best type of installation.

You can talk to your EPDM roofer in Pooler GA to choose a method since what kind of roof deck you have, its strength and the layout of the roof; all would play a role in determining the best method of installation.

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