EPDM Roof Coating

The Benefits of EPDM Roof Coating

EPDM Roof CoatingEPDM roofs are rubber roofs that manage to offer the fine balance of cost and quality. Some roofing solutions that are undoubtedly the best and have no parallel such as slate are too expensive. Some roofing solutions like asphalt that are the cheapest are not very durable and there are hordes of problems. Rubber roofs like EPDM are a fine balance. But they too need some kind of protection in the form of EPDM roof coating.

Here are the many benefits of EPDM roof coating that will more than justify the additional investment.

  • First, EPDM roof coating is meant to protect the rubber roof from normal wear and tear. Any rubber roof is vulnerable to natural wearing out and it is also particularly vulnerable to chemicals and other kinds of stains. EPDM roof coating can ensure that the rubber or EPDM doesn’t get damaged at all. That it manages to retain its original attributes and doesn’t get damaged at the slightest of threats.
  • EPDM roof coating offers protection against ultraviolet radiation and ozone. It also offers waterproofing. Rubber can get severely damaged due to ozone and ultraviolet rays of the sun. You will need protection against this no matter who installs the EPDM roof and what quality of EPDM you have used. Waterproofing is another necessity. Rubber is light and it is not porous but not very resistive against water either. Rubber roofs can get damaged when they are exposed to too much water and it cannot resist ponding. EPDM roof coating is particularly good with ponding water and the resistance provided is enough to prevent any kind of damage to the roof.
  • EPDM roof coating offers a seamless look. It is easy to apply or install. It increases the durability of the roof and prevents unnecessary maintenance and sporadic repairs. Also, EPDM roof coating can offer protection against weather extremes.
  • EPDM roof coating can also be used for common roofing problems such as leaks. It can manage to seal flashings, tears, cracks, rips and delaminated seams.

EPDM roof coating must be installed right after the roof has been installed. If a roof is damaged and subsequently repaired or a part of it is replaced in the near or distant future, then the EPDM roof coating must be reapplied or a new EPDM roof coating should be opted for. Repairs and replacements get rid of the coating which makes recoating mandatory.

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