Energy Savings Services

Energy Savings Services in Savannah and surrounding areas

Energy Saving Services
When you call us for energy saving services we go through your entire home and check for leaks, so to speak.

Energy Savings Services decrease energy loss in your home

Not necessarily water leaks, but air leaks. Where is the cold air escaping your home? Where is the hot air coming in? What parts of your home are not properly insulated? We make sure the gaskets in your windows form a good seal. We also even check your light fixtures for the proper insulation. You would not believe how much energy is lost through an improperly insulated light fixture.

(scroll to the bottom of this page to see the entire list of items we perform on our house tune up)

Did you know that over 80% of homes in the US are under-insulated? And that insulating your attic properly can save thousands each year (Summer and Winter) on your energy bill?

If you are like the majority of home owners in our service area, your house is under-insulated and probably costing you a lot of money. At Tech Roof Pros we love helping people save money and we have several easy plans to help you start saving.

Let us explain our Energy Savings Services when we are at your home or office

Click here to download our Whole House Tune Up PDF

Ridge Vent installation

When you are ready for a free Whole House Energy Tune Up, give us a call and we provide you a well documented inspection and our recommendations in writing.

Our Whole House Tune is very different from what other companies can provide because we do a combination of critical services that usually take multiple service providers to accomplish.

Roof Ventilation

For example, all of our Tune Ups include installing a ridge vent on your roof for ventilation.

  • Foam insulation of all intrusions, outlets and light switches.
  • Blow in Insulation
  • And even Attic stair case insulation kits!

These are just some of the many options we can give you if you are looking for an energy saving roof. So whether you are looking for a new, energy saving roof or just need a whole home energy inspection, Tech Roof Pros has you covered.

Energy Savings Services Explained…

Here is how it works

1) We perform a whole house tune up inspection. We will measure for insulation, ventilation and other energy savings issues like missing or loose duct work and more.

2) We provide our recommendations in writing at the time of inspection. We will send you an email with our findings, all images for documentation and pricing to bring your home or business up to current standards.

3) We perform the work (usually within a few days of you accepting our proposal).

Here is a set of real before / after images form a recent house tune up job we did here in Savannah GA.

The home owner opted for the middle package and spent roughly $1300 with us. Their energy bill was reduced from $450 to $360 the second month! If they own their home for 20 years and save $90 per month they will have pocketed $21,600 on a $1300 investment.


Switch Insulation BeforeSwitch Insulation After

2- We install a ridge vent to let your attic breath and naturally ventilate

Energy Savings Services Savannah Ventilation is key to an updated roof

3- We foam seal all light fixtures from inside the attic

Energy Savings Services include foam sealing all attic intrusions! Before we foam spray the lights

4- We blow in insulation to form a complete thermal seal

improve your Energy Saving with proper insulation Get up to R80 Values with our organic, blown in insulation.Poor attic insulation problems Insulation gets moved and need to be replaced

Start saving money the very first month! Our tune up packages start at only $999

Our Energy Savings Services are totally affordable and save you money all year around!

Click here to download our Whole House Tune Up PDF

Results vary. Your savings may be higher or slightly lower depending on other factors such as your personal energy habits and so forth. However, we will calculate and document the initial increase in energy efficiency which typically ranges from 5%-25%

Fill out this form for a free no obligation whole house tune up inspection.
We will provide you a quote and our recommendations in writing!

Energy Savings Services is a big part of what we love to do!


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