Elastomeric Roof Coating

The advantage of elastomeric roof coating

Elastomeric Roof CoatingOne thing no one ever wants to see is water dripping from the ceiling. Usually this is a minor problem with a leaky pipe or someone forgetting to turn off the bathtub. However, there are those times when it’s something far more problematic. In these cases it can be anything from a loose roofing shingle to a substantial sized hole. For those smaller roof leaks you don’t have to rip everything up and replace it. Instead just coat the areas of the leak with elastomeric roof coating.

What is Elastomeric Roof Coating?

Elastomeric roof coating is a rubberized roof sealant that is used to patch leaks and add extra protection to a roof. This special coating is great for any minor to medium roof touch ups. It not only helps seal up any leaks but also can patch up area’s that are beginning to show some wear and eventually become leaks themselves. This water resistant coating will last for approximately the life time of the roof. Additionally this sealant can work on all types of roofs and styles.

Weather resistant

One of the other major advantages to using elastomeric roof coating is that it can stand up to the majority of sun and heat exposure. No need to worry about the sealant wearing out or eroding away from harsh weather conditions. However, While generally rated to be water resistant most sealants will not hold up to ponding water. This is mostly an issue for flat roof buildings and houses. Due to the design of these buildings the roof is prone to accumulating sections of stagnate water. In regards to the sealant, it will not hold up over extended exposure to this issue.

Seal away

Fixing a roof can be an expensive task at the best of times. Even with the cheapest materials on the market fixing a roof can cost several thousands to ten thousands of dollars. Thankfully, for minor fixes, as mentioned above, there is elastomeric roof coating. This coating can extend the life of a roof out by several years if used properly. This doesn’t mean go out and start hosing your roof down but making sure that your roof remains intact and water tight will not only keep the inhabitants and their contents dry but also help prevent more repairs down the road. Eventually a roof will need to be replaced but until then this sealant will more than adequately keep the occupants comfy and dry.

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