Cost To Replace Roof

How much does it cost to replace roof?

Cost To Replace RoofWe all do are bests to keep our homes as tip top as possible. Well, most of us do. Yea there are those few people that don’t maintain their homes. You know the type, lawn unmowed for extended periods of time, Christmas lights up year round, a rusted out pickup truck in the front lawn, monthly visits by the police for domestic disturbances, etc. While these people don’t care if their home falls apart around them the rest of us try to avoid it. However, nothing lasts forever no matter how well maintained or constructed. In the case of a roof, this is just as true.


Any good home improvement project starts out with an itemized list of materials needed for the project. In the case of a roof replacement it’s not just the items needed for just the roof its self. Things like chimneys, satellite dishes, solar panels, etc. all will need to be dealt with while working on the roof. For instance, if a solar panel looks cracked or the mounting brackets are starting to rust up replacing these now along with the roof will head off any potential problems down the road. Knowing exactly what you will need will ultimately save you money as some materials can be used for more than one specific task.

Overall cost to replace roof

Once your list of materials is sorted out and you’ve gotten everything you need to get the job done it’s all down manual labor at this point. For the Do-It-Yourself types this will only end up costing you time and energy hopefully. However, not everyone has the skills needed to do this. For those that can’t do it themselves, hiring a professional contractor is the way to go. This however, will end up costing more money. All told this can run between 6,000 to 12,000 and up depending on the size of the roof, materials chosen for the job such as style of shingle, etc.


Replacing a roof is one of those necessary evils of owning a home. Making sure it’s done properly can be as easy as dedicating enough time to do it yourself or hiring professionals to see to it. Either way it’s going to cost several 1000’s to 10,000’s and up to complete the job properly. While this may seem like a lot of money for one home improvement job it won’t have to be done again for several years outside of extenuating circumstances.

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