Cost Per Square Foot

Roofing Materials Cost Per Square Foot – Understanding Your Roofing Quote

Cost Per Square FootAs with most major repairs you will get a roofing quote or bid when you call in a contractor to take a look at your roof. The quote or the bid is usually not broken down into cost per square foot by contractors because if it was then you would be able to see the true cost of the job.

The cost per square foot is typically used to figure out the materials cost on top of the materials cost you are going to be paying for labor. It is not that contractors want to hide the cost of their labor it is that it can be more confusing to the property owner.

The Materials

The materials to get your roof done are sold in square foot measurements. Each box of asphalt shingles, tile shingles and metal panels are sold by the square foot. So if a box of asphalt shingles for example are $100 and there are 10 square feet in the box that would mean that each square foot is about $10 in shingles. Of course you would have to do the same thing with the underlayment, figure out how much a box is, look to see how many square feet are in the box and then divide to figure out how much you are paying for underlayment per square foot. Nails and other necessities can also be broken down to cost per square foot.

Normally a contractor can break down the cost to a per square foot formula if you want a price per square foot but most property owners simply prefer to know the cost of the total job.

The Labor

The cost per square foot for the labor can change depending on the materials that are being installed and the amount of effort that has to go into the install. Typically contractors have a little wiggle room when it comes to how much they charge for labor.

There is no average cost per square foot for labor. It all depends on the job and other variables like is it an emergency or is the roof especially steep and dangerous to be on. There are several different factors which can affect the cost of the labor per square foot.

Need To Know The Roofing Cost Per Square Foot?

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