Cost Per Square Foot Calculator

What Should You Know To Use A Cost Per Square Foot Calculator

Cost Per Square Foot CalculatorUsing a cost per square foot calculator is quite helpful. It will give you an idea of what kind of investment you are looking at, whether you are installing a new roof or getting one repaired, replacing your old roof or just getting one upgraded. A roofing cost per square foot calculator is also helpful because it allows you to get specific. You may not need generic quotes or estimates on a broader scale every time. Now, when you do use a cost per square foot calculator, make sure it is a relevant one and you must have all the necessary details required to calculate the cost.

  • You may choose a cost per square foot calculator for new roof installation and roof replacement. Repairs or upgrades will need a different calculator. Also, the calculator has to be as detailed as possible, which means it should take into account all important or quintessential factors before providing you with any figure. It is very impractical to take the total area into account and then to do a random math to calculate the labor charges and roofing costs. Roofing materials are priced as widely apart as $2 per square foot to more than $20 per square foot. Labor charges can be just as varied depending on where you are, who you hire and what kind of roof and installation method you are choosing. Asphalt roofs cost very little to install. Slate roofs or copper roofers with coatings will cost a fair bit more to install.
  • You must have certain details handy to use a cost per square foot calculator. You will obviously know your zip code and possibly the building codes in your area. You must know the total area of your roof or the area of your roof that you wish to replace or repair. You must know the pitch or the slope and thus the actual area that has to be roofed, repaired or replaced. If it is a flat roof, then you don’t have to consider the slope or pitch ratio. You must decide the material you wish to opt for as that will have a huge bearing. Learn to discard the labor charges in any figure provided by a cost per square foot calculator because it will always vary. And, the eventual labor charges will depend on how well you negotiate with a roofer or what kind of deal you get.

Take the final figures with a pinch of salt and contact roofers to get their estimates, but not before they inspect your site and offer an extensive consultation. Else, their estimates would be as educational as that of a cost per square foot calculator.

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