Cost Of Shingles Per Square Foot

How to manage the cost of shingles per square foot?

Cost Of Shingles Per Square FootThe cost of shingles per square foot will primarily depend on two factors. One would be the choice of material and the other would be profile. You may be aware that asphalt shingles are cheaper than wood shingles. The cost of tiles, clay shingles or concrete shingles is usually more than cedar. Metal shingles can cost less than tiles or substantially more depending on the type of metal you choose. Slate shingles are the costliest.

Other than the material, it would be the profile that shall influence the cost. Now, profile includes the exact variant, the design or aesthetics and if you want any specific feature in the shingles. For instance, asphalt shingles can be designed to emulate the look of clay, concrete or even slate. Even slate shingles have a cheaper variant which are known as faux pas slate. They look like slate and would also be much more durable than asphalt or wood but they would not be authentic slate.

The cost of shingles per square foot can be best managed if you make the right choices in regards to the material and profile. If metal is more expensive or is overshooting your budget then you may want to consider clay or concrete shingles, should they be within your budget. You may find only asphalt shingles reasonable enough but even in that category there are many options.

Almost every kind of shingle has a very cheap price tag and then there are more expensive price tags. For instance, asphalt shingle can cost as little as $0.50 or as much as $2.50. The difference in price is substantial and so is the difference in quality. Metal shingles can be as cheap as $2 per square foot. In such cases, you may wonder if choosing the cheapest metal shingle is wiser than opting for the best asphalt but that is an unfair comparison. The cheapest metal shingle will not have the same advantages as metal shingles that cost $5 or more per square foot.

The situation is similar with all types of shingles. There are cheaper variants which are very affordable. Then there are midgrade variants and then there is the premium or the most expensive variants. If you opt for metal, then the cost of shingles per square foot can be anywhere from $2 to more than $15. The costs of installations, accessories, prepping and supplies are all excluded.

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